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Map of Kenya showing location of OyugisBetween 2006 and 2016 we funded projects to improve education, sanitation and access to clean water in Kenya.  Our work was based at Oyugis, near Lake Victoria, from which we served the surrounding rural area.  Oyugis is a small town two hours drive south of Kisumu, Kenya's third largest city. Jim Caulfield MBE, a volunteer from Jersey, oversaw the delivery of these projects.



Jim Caulfield
Jim Caulfield

During these 10 years we undertook building projects at 102 primary and secondary schools.  We have built 271 new classrooms, renovated 169 classrooms, built 11 science blocks, 35 administration blocks, 20 dormitories, 60 latrine blocks, provided 5,500 desks and 75 computers.  We estimate this has benefited over 19,000 children in the first year alone.  Taking into account future intake of children over the life of the buildings, the number who will benefit will be many multiples of this. 

We have also built 62 water projects which we estimate are benefiting around 18,000 people. 


Education Projects


Migwa Primary School, Near Oyugis
Otel Secondary School

The purpose of our education projects has been to improve the quality and capacity of education in and around the Oyugis.

OmoloMadoAfter  kanga-interior

Omolo Mado Primary School                         Kanga Primary School

Old school buildings     Old school buildings    New classroom
                           Old school buildings                                             New classroom

Schools we have rebuilt have seen a significant improvement in academic performance.

Children at Migwa Primary School

Water Projects

Our spring protection projects have transformed muddy pools of contaminated water into a constant supply of clean water.  This end's women's ardeous task of carrying water over long distances and has significantly improved health by providing a clean water supply.  Waterborne diseases and deaths have significantly dropped in these communities.

A natural spring, just a muddy pool       A completed protected spring

A natural spring,                  A completed protected
just a muddy pool                spring

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